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Women’s Business Council – ONE YEAR ON report 2014

Women need male CEOs support to get to the top

The Women’s Business Council is an independent working group set up by the Government Equalities Office in 2012 with the aim of ensuring real action by central Government, business and others to maximise women’s contribution to economic growth.  Amongst their messages this year:

“Changing the mind-set of the key players in the business world, who hold the key to removing the barriers for countless numbers of women, will remain a critical area for the Women’s Business Council’s forward programme during 2014/15. Our discussions with male CEOs this year has convinced us further that there is much more that male leaders can do in the workplace, as visible agents of change, to help women progress and flourish within their organisations.”

The Women’s Business Council report highlights the importance of changing attitudes among key players in the business world, who are critical to removing the barriers that women face on the path to leadership.

We understand the importance of working with CEO’s and other senior managers to maximise the potential of  their female talent
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