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June 11, 2014

Women on Boards

picture of boardroom chairs

The Davies Report: Women on Boards Feb 2011 In 2010 women made up only 12.5% of the members of the corporate boards of FTSE 100 companies and Lord Davies of Abersoch was asked by the Government to investigate the barriers preventing women from reaching senior decision making roles in business, including at the boardroom level. Women on Boards, published in February 2011, highlighted the low numbers of women reaching the top and set a goal of 25% representation by 2015. The Davies Report outlined the business case: Women are successful at university and in their early careers, but attrition rates increase as they progress through an organisation. When women are so under-represented on corporate boards, companies are missing out, as they are unable to draw from the widest possible range of talent. Evidence suggests that companies with a strong female representation at board and top management level perform better than…

June 11, 2014

Leadership Trust Report: Leadership Think Tank Nov 2012

Silhouette of woman

 The nature of leadership needs to change This report from The Leadership Trust summarise the conversations over two days by renowned academics in the area of leadership research. The report proposes radical change to the way we think about leadership. The underlying theme was that business and society is changing rapidly and the practice of leadership is not changing quickly enough to reflect these shifts. In order for leadership to begin to address today’s critical problems, the idea of leadership must move away the hero figure who offers himself (usually a him) as a saviour, followed by inevitable disappointment and failure. Do you recognise, endorse and believe you have much to contribute to this proposed change? To find out more contact The Glass Lift on

June 10, 2014

The Glass Lift in Development

The Glass LIft Focus Group

Margaret Davies at a recent focus group in Exeter

During the the Glass Lift development Margaret Davies and Kaye Welfare met with a range of senior managers, HR leads, learning and development and diversity and inclusion managers to test the idea of a membership based leadership programme for women.  They also ran focus groups to seek feedback from professional women interested in the Glass Lift programme. “The response has been fantastic” said Margaret Davies Occupational Psychologist and founding Director of The Glass Lift.  “We’ve had a great amount of interest and enthusiastic reception from the people we’ve spoken to.  Many women told us their stories and gave us their feedback about the Glass Lift programme.  This has reaffirmed to us that there is a real appetite  for a comprehensive development programme like The Glass Lift.  We’re confident that our programme is based on the best research and knowledge in this area, the real life experiences of women in business and the excellent…

May 21, 2014

Number of female headteachers declining

Tristram Hunt

Labour's Tristram Hunt urges school governors to "'uphold their moral and legal duties'”

The proportion of female headteachers in English secondary schools has declined since 2010; only a third are women.  Hunt cites evidence from a survey by a leading teaching charity showing many school governors simply do not know they are not permitted to ask questions about women’s personal circumstances and family commitments, especially if they are not asking the same questions of male candidates. Figures for 2010 show 60% of heads were male and 40% female, with this imbalance widening two years later to 64% to 36%. There is little distinction in the figures between academies and maintained schools. The 2012 figures, published late last year, show 2,100 male school heads and only 1,200 female headteachers. Hunt drew on testimony compiled by the Future Leaders Trust, a charity dedicated to improving the quality and commitment of headteachers. Kate Chhatwal, Director of Headship at Future Leaders, said: “We know that a good…

May 21, 2014

The Independent: More Women on Boards

picture of boardroom chairs

Women on Boards in UK now reaches 20%

More women than ever are now sitting on the boards of Britain’s biggest companies, but the top jobs continue to be dominated by men, according to Mervyn Davies, author of Women on Boards, Davies Review Annual Report 2014. In the United Kingdom 20% of directorships are now held by women. This is progress and we are moving in the right direction.  “This puts the country on track to meet the UK Government’s target of having 25% of board positions filled by women by 2015” stated Mervyn Davies, Lord Davies of Abersoch, who is leading the UK Government’s efforts to improve boardroom equality in the latest report on progress to date. The Independent quotes Lord Davies as saying “If you are a CEO and you don’t have gender diversity or diversity in general as a top issue then you’ve been asleep at the wheel for the last few years.” However the improving numbers…

May 21, 2014

Sheryl Sandberg visits UK to ask women to ‘Lean In’.

Sheryl Sandberg with Lean In book

Lean In for Graduates

Katherine Rushton in The Telegraph writes “Ms Sandberg will spend part of her recent visit to Britain promoting her new book, Lean In for Graduates, which advises women to willfully ignore The Glass Ceiling” Since Sheryl Sandberg’s first book Lean In was published, it has sparked a global conversation about gender equality. Sheryl has now enlisted the help of experts and come up with a new book targeted at young women Lean In for Graduates, a handbook that offers instruction and inspiration for the next generation. Lean In for Graduates includes the full text of the original bestseller as well as new chapters on finding your first job, negotiating your salary, listening to your inner voice and leaning in for women of color and millennial men. It also includes stories from young people around the world who have pushed past their fears and achieved their goals. The 43-year old is Facebook’s chief operating officer and ranks…


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