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Women assert yourselves and find your voice!

Harvard Business Review

A recent report from the Harvard Business School encourages women to reach their full potential: ‘women assert yourself and find your voice’! Some interesting examples of senior women experiences in the report helped highlight how some women need to assert themselves more if they are to break through the glass ceiling.

A senior manager is asked to give up an executive committee seat because the CEO wants to shrink the group’s size and plans to retain only “the most engaged” members.

The leader of a $50 million division is passed over for top level promotions after failing to fully participate in strategic discussions in which “you have to shout to be heard”.

A marketing executive is surprised when a colleague drops by after a meeting with this advice: “Stop acting like a facilitator. Start saying what you stand for.”

The people described above have several things in common.  They are all successful and ambitious.  They are all admired by colleagues and superiors.  Yet they have all failed to assert themselves in high level meetings.  And they are all women.

These are just some of the stories from over 7,000 women surveyed for research carried out by Kathryn Heath, Jill Flynn, and Mary Davis Holt and printed in the Harvard Business Review. The Glass Lift has based its comprehensive membership programme on this and other recent research into barriers to gender equality.

The Glass Lift supports women to develop their leadership skills, to lean in and assert themselves.
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