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July 5, 2014

Andy Murray’s coach a woman!

Andy Murray

....and your point is? by Kaye Welfare

I don’t remember the battle of the sexes – the infamous tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, well it was more than 40 years ago! Things have changed a lots since then, or have they?

Why then was there such amazement in the press when Andy Murray appointed a woman coach, you’d have thought he’d appointed a rugby player or even an estate agent to coach him! Someone who knew nothing about the game instead of a competent person who has been involved in the sport for years.

Surely it’s about finding the right person for the job, about their ability to lead, manage and or coach and achieve success in whatever they do. Women make fantastic leaders yet often the first thing anyone mentions is their gender not their capability. We have to change this culture not just in sport but in all areas of society including at home and in the work place.

At The Glass Lift our leadership development programme inspires and supports capable women to build the skills and attributes needed to tackle barriers that are often unspoken such as unconscious bias, work life balance aspirations, lack of confidence, fear of being criticised and even imposter syndrome.

By supporting competent women and engaging the whole organisation we aim to change mind sets and culture within organisations so that in years to come nobody will even notice when a woman becomes a man’s coach, boss or even sits on a Board!

Billie Jean won by the way!

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