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February 1, 2015

Wise words from Clare Balding

What I see project

Its just great when you come across wonderful women speaking wise words. At The Glass Lift we love the What I see project and one of our favourite interviews is with Clare Balding, the BBC sports presenter, who talks about her life and career.

In the interview Clare highlights the importance of female role models paving the way for others to follow in their footsteps. She also shares her view that happiness comes from having something to focus on.  She says “slow your brain down and find one thing, be it music, sport even video games, which make you concentrate.” Work and walking also make her happy.

She advises women not to let fear of failure hold them back, she believes that women can hold themselves back because they’re afraid of failing. She says we all make mistakes, but it’s about picking yourself up and learning from it.

Finally, to the question “what do you see when you look in the mirror?” she answers: “I don’t!  The last thing you should do is look in the mirror.  It’s easy to believe that it’s all about you. In fact, satisfaction comes when you turn your gaze outwards and think about the team, the business, the lives you are affecting”.

You can watch the entire Clare Balding interview here

The ‘What I see Project’ was set up by Edwina Dunn who,  together with her husband Clive Humby, created the Tesco Clubcard. Edwina is now spearheading the ‘What I See’ charity aimed at broadening women’s career horizons. Also, ‘Your Life’ a new, government-backed scheme to get more school  pupils studying Maths and Physics to improve Britain’s skills for the global, tech-based economy.

‘What I see’ is a global collection of women’s voices coming together to share, connect, and actively shape what it means to be a woman. By asking the question ‘What do you see when you look in the mirror?’, the project finds different ways for women to reflect on self-perceptions and female identity, and becomes a platform for them to add their voice. In the West, it seems that girls tend to look to a disproportionate amount of role models in celebrity and fashion, What I see aims to balance that with other stories, so “we are giving girls a greater opportunity to pick a more diverse set of role models rather than just saying I want to be famous or I want to be in fashion.”

For many more inspiring women sharing their stories visit What I see .




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