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March 7, 2018

Press for Progress: The gender pay gap

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This year the theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Press for Progress’.

The theme is more than appropriate, as gender pay gap reports from a range of organisations illustrate real progress is still needed if we are to achieve gender parity.

The most recent figures for the whole of UK show a pay gap of 18% and in many organisations it is much higher.

Nationally, contributing factors to the gender pay gap include women’s under-representation in sectors such as engineering, manufacturing and ICT, women’s under-representation in senior roles across all sectors; and women’s dominance in low paid, part time work where there are few opportunities for progression.

Yet this does not get to the specific root causes of the gender pay gap in organisations.

“The new gender pay gap reporting rules will provide an opportunity for organisations to take stock and seek to understand where barriers to women’s progress exist.  Only then can they look for permanent long-term solutions.” 

Kaye Welfare, Managing Director, The Glass Lift

At The Glass Lift we believe the new regulations are just the first step in the journey to gender parity.

If the reporting is to have the desired impact of reducing the gender pay gap, organisations need to interrogate their pay gap figures, research and fully understand the causes specific to their organisation.

Using evidence-based practice The Glass Lift provides organisations with an insight into these causes and the actions needed to drive gender balance.

Only when these root causes have been identified, will organisations be best placed to take targeted and effective action to address them.

The Government is encouraging organisations to think about the following actions to tackle and reduce the gender pay gap:

 – Develop and run leadership development programmes to encourage career progression of female staff.

– Provide access to mentoring, shadowing and coaching to encourage and promote progression into senior roles.

Ensure all recruitment procedures encourage gender balance.


If you would like further information on the work we are doing to “Press for Progress” and deliver on gender parity contact us.

In the meantime, #PressforProgress and have a great International Women’s Day!

Download a PDF of the article: Views from The Glass Lift – Press for Progress on gender pay gap




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