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June 27, 2014

Baroness Verma launches POWERful Women

Laura Sandys MP, Nicky Morgan MP and Baroness Verma at the launch of Powerful Women.

Fueling the pipeline of female talent in the UK’s energy sector

POWERful Women (PfW) is a new, professional initiative launch on 12th June 2014 to showcase female leadership potential in the UK’s energy sector. PfW has an ambition of ‘30% of executive energy company board members to be female by 2030’ and ‘40% of energy company middle management to be female by 2030’.

The energy sector is tackling a wide range of important challenges – from keeping the lights on to helping consumers reduce energy waste and building a more sustainable low carbon future. Industry competitiveness relies on a diverse pool of talent capable of bringing fresh perspectives. Yet, recent research published by law firm Eversheds shows that on average only 12.8 per cent of jobs in the energy sector are held by women and 12.5 per cent of directors on energy company boards are female.

PfW like The Glass Lift believe that a much stronger female influence is needed at the top table and through out the industry. Baroness Verma, Energy and Climate Change Minister, and Co-Founder of POWERful Women, said:

We need to transform the way we generate and use energy, but we also need to transform the disparity of representation of women in the industry, particularly at senior and mid-management levels. POWERful Women will endeavor to make this important goal become a reality – through bringing together industry, academic and political leaders to showcase women in the energy sector and provide support where it’s needed.”

“My career in the Energy Industry has given me great insight into the need for more women in leadership positions, I whole heartedly support POWERful Women” Kaye Welfare, The Glass Lift.
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