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Navigating disruption without gender diversity?

“The best way to navigate disruption is to harness the power of diverse thinking by enabling people with different experiences, ideas and knowledge to come together in an inclusive culture”

The recent report “Navigating disruption without gender diversity?” from EY emphasizes the importance of gender diversity and inclusive leadership needed if businesses are to use innovation to navigate the disruptive trends transforming many industry.

We agree that despite valuing gender diversity many organisations are not addressing the gender leadership gap in a way that will deliver the cultural change that is needed.

The report highlights main 5 gaps, at The Glass Lift we regularly recognise all these disconnects in our everyday interactions with organisations. We are delighted that such a high profile organisation is challenging others to look at the gaps and do something about it. They are:

1.  The reality disconnect – Business leaders assume the issue is nearly solved, despite little progress within their own companies.

2. The data disconnect – Companies don’t effectively measure how well women are progressing through the workforce and into leadership

3. The pipeline disconnect- Companies aren’t creating pipelines for future female leaders

4. The perception and perspective disconnection – Men and women have different views on the gender diversity gap and how to solve it

5. The progress disconnect – Different industries agree on the value of diversity, but are making uneven progress towards achieving gender diversity

So what can we do about it?

Lets start with asking the right questions to the right people and then listening to those answers!

At The Glass Lift we can help you work out what the right questions are for your business and who you should ask.

We can then support you in developing the right practical solutions to ensure the changes you need to make your business more inclusive, innovative and profitable.

To download and read the full EY report click here

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But before you go, did you know?

Only 56% believe they are effective at promoting female leaders. And while more than half of respondents say they must improve in this area, less than one-fifth have formal programs to identify and develop women for leadership.

EY - Executives predominantly develop male and female talent equally





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