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May 15, 2018

Men as Change Agents

WBC Report April 2018

Women's Business Council Report April 2018

The latest report form the Women’s Business Council: Men as Change Agents is aimed at CEOs of FTSE 350 companies and other prominent businesses, but is relevant to all organisations looking to reduce their gender pay gap.

The report shares practical ideas with the potential to make a real difference. The document is a good basis for discussion with CEOs and their leadership teams on how to help achieve better gender balance at the highest executive level and close the gender pay gap.

The benefits of helping women to unlock their talents – bridging the gender gap in work could add £150 billion to the UK’s annual GDP by 2025.

Women’s Business Council has focused on the role that men can play in achieving gender balance in business leadership. It includes the following three ‘asks’ of CEOs:

1. To take personal responsibility for ensuring 33% of executive level business leaders are women by 2020.

2. To sponsor 1-3 women from within your organisation who have the potential to secure an executive role within 3 years.

3.To be an active and visible change agent by being part of the wider business conversation to achieving gender balance.

The report highlights the areas they believe provide the biggest opportunities for CEOs and other senior business leaders to drive real change in their organisations. Each section is presented as a case study from business leaders
who have shared their experience of implementing the change. The areas covered are:

– Workplace culture

– Balanced shortlists

– Sponsoring

– Talent pipeline

– Agile working

– Shared Parental Leave

The report is a starting point, but its a complex and difficult subject some ideas will work in your organisation but others may not and may even have a negative impact!

Contact us at The Glass Lift, we can help you understand your specific issues and develop appropriate tailored actions that will engage both men and women in the challenging work of improving gender balance.

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