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ELEVATE: Inclusive leadership

ELEVATE is our cross-organisational inclusive leadership development programme designed to support ALL aspiring leaders to progress their careers to senior level.

ELEVATE members come from a range of organisations and sectors, and work together to share experience and to learn from one another. We actively encourage and celebrate diversity on our ELEVATE programme.

ELEVATE has been designed by The Glass Lift’s Occupational Psychologists who are experts in leadership and inclusion. It mixes key leadership concepts with an understanding of the barriers under-represented groups face on the path to leadership, so enabling them to become effective and inclusive leaders.

ELEVATE changes attitudes to leadership, encourages diversity and supports ALL potential leaders with the talent and desire to succeed.

ELEVATE helps tackle the gender pay gap and ethnicity pay gap by supporting talented individuals on their leadership journey.

To find out more about how we can support your journey to inclusive leadership contact us NOW.

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