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At The Glass Lift, our vision is to increase equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace by developing leaders and changing the face of leadership.

Balanced and inclusive leadership at senior level increases organisational performance. Yet despite the drive for change, progress is slow. At The Glass Lift, we apply the science of Psychology to accelerate the pace of change. We do this by developing inclusive leaders who release the talent and potential of all people, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Our leadership development solutions are based on a deep understanding of the benefits of a culture of inclusion to workplace productivity and well being.

We support our clients to develop leadership capability in the following ways:




ELEVATE: Inclusive leadership development

Our leadership development solutions are designed to support ALL aspiring leaders to progress their careers to senior level.

Find out more by watching our short video, where Margaret Davies, Director and Lead Occupational Psychologist at The Glass Lift talks about our leadership development programmes:

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“The Glass Lift combined excellent psychology with leadership expertise. They helped us to analyse our diversity and inclusion issues – and come up with practical and pioneering solutions to overcome them”.

Carey Owen Head Leadership and OD, Devon & Cornwall Police March 23, 2017

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