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We change the face of leadership to adapt to a changing World.


We use our knowledge of psychological theory and culture change to support organisations to create behaviour change at work and change the face of leadership.

In today’s uncertain and complex climate, it’s essential that leadership is effective and adaptable to meet the challenges organisations face. Leadership must be flexible to cope with disruption, radical technological change and different ways of working.

Leaders need to think differently about the culture of their organisations and and the type of leadership needed. We believe organisations are best served by leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences who enable a 360-degree view of the World.

The Glass Lift Psychologists help organisations change the face of leadership. Despite equality and diversity law translated into internal policy and process, a majority of organisations do not have diverse and inclusive, balanced leadership teams. We are specialists in inclusive leadership and we identify the causes of imbalance.


We enable change to happen by working with our clients to diagnose, recommend and design evidence based strategies and solutions to change how leadership is done in your organisation.

Our consulting methods include:

  • We bring thought leadership and leading-edge knowledge and expertise from across industry sectors.
  • Our methods include undertaking primary research and our Psychologists use qualitative and quantitative research methods to gather data, and robust analysis techniques.
  • We report our findings and recommend strategies for change.
  • Where appropriate, we design solutions and/or signpost to trusted providers.

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We provide organisations with the evidence base for change. We help fix fundamental leadership issues, increase leadership capability and influence culture change.

The benefits include:

  • Higher quality decision-making
  • Greater levels of staff engagement
  • Better recruitment and retention
  • Increased productivity and improved financial performance.

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