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Integrate: Creating an Inclusive Culture

INTEGRATE helps leaders understand how an organisation’s culture, structures and processes hinder equality, diversity and inclusion. We undertake research and identify, recommend and implement tailored INTEGRATE solutions that create an environment where ALL people thrive.

The benefits are diverse and inclusive senior leadership teams, with higher quality decision making, greater levels of staff engagement and better recruitment and retention. The outcomes include increased productivity and improved financial performance.

INTEGRATE solutions include research, strategy development, change projects, leadership development programmes, internal and external workshops and events.

We apply the science of Psychology

We are naturally drawn to groups of ‘people like us’ and have a tendency to reinforce how people in other groups are different. Much of this takes place in our subconscious mind, that’s why applying the science of Psychology helps develop more inclusive leadership.

We focus on context and culture

The barriers to inclusion are varied and complex. We make sure we understand your culture and context and have your goals in mind when we design solutions. Working together we find ways to support all talented individuals who have a desire to lead.

We ask challenging questions

At The Glass Lift we are not afraid to ask difficult questions with the aim of tackling issues like prejudice and stereotyping. We are passionate about equality and justice and the power of bringing people together. We challenge leaders to new ways of thinking.

Working in partnership we help our clients drive change

We provide guidance on how an organisation’s culture, structures, processes and behaviours may be hindering equality, diversity and inclusion. We give advice on how to achieve positive change.

INTEGRATE includes:

Primary research to understand how equality, diversity and inclusion are experienced in your organisation.

Equality strategy development with senior teams.

Workshops and events to raise awareness of the benefits of equality, diversity and inclusive leadership.

Inclusive leadership development programmes to support employees at all levels.

Making networks work, channelling networks to drive inclusion

Accelerating behaviour change after unconscious bias training

Team and executive coaching to facilitate behavioural change and inclusive leadership.

Maternity and return to work solutions that help retain and develop talented staff.

Flexible and work life conflict interventions to increase productivity and improve wellbeing.


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