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What we do

Good leadership is like water, essential but hard to grasp.

At The Glass Lift we help you get hold of the leadership you need by producing accurate data regarding leadership potential and capability.

Our selection and assessments methods are used for the recruitment and identification of potential leaders for succession planning and talent development.

We work at middle leader, director, executive and non-executive levels.


We apply the science of Psychology

We focus on context and culture

We ask challenging questions


How we do it

We take an evidence based approach by:

Identifying the leadership you need by understanding your business and context, organisational culture, structure, existing role specifications and team composition.

Establishing criteria for selection and linking to existing behavioural frameworks.

Designing a tailored leadership assessment process to identify leadership potential.

Facilitating the assessment process and reporting recommendations for selection.


We use a range of tools and methods to assess the current and aspiring executives and leaders, these include:

Bespoke individual and group exercises.

A range of leading edge psychometric tests.

Game based assessments.

Situational judgement tests.

Bespoke interviews.



We minimise the risk inherent in recruitment and talent & succession planning decisions.

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