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August 30, 2014

It’s hard to innovate when we all think the same

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Diversity in leadership drives innovation

At The Glass Lift our aim to increase diversity at senior level by supporting talented women with the desire to lead.  The business case for gender diversity at senior level is growing, one beneficial impact is that the team is more likely to innovate.

Here’s just one article from The Harvard Business review on why this is the case.  Other positive benefits are better decision making, better collaboration, reduced recruitment costs and a more effective approach to risk.

Our cutting edge leadership development programme brings together a rich mix of professional women from a range of sectors.

The programme runs over two years and comprises high quality input from experts, face to face workshops, psychometric profiling, a personal critical friend, extensive e-learning and evening Elevator events with inspirational speakers.

We are now recruiting members from South West England to join our Exeter and Bristol programmes starting in November 2014.

Other regions including South Wales, Swindon and London follow in 2015.

Find out more about this exciting leadership development programme for talented women : Call us now on 01453 763230 or email 




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