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November 17, 2016


Paul Hackett, 17th November 2016, Strand Palace Hotel, London

Increasing productivity is seen by government, employers and employees alike as one of the biggest challenges to improved economic performance. This event from The Glass Lift highlighted how by engaging staff and developing a culture of inclusive leadership organisations can improve wellbeing, performance and productivity

Over 50 people joined our guest speaker and The Glass Lift team to discuss one of the major workplace challenges facing individuals and organisations today.

Paul Hackett, CEO, The Smith Institute presented ‘Working harder, not smarter’

Based on the recent report from the Smith Institute, Paul will offered a unique insight into the so-called ‘productivity puzzle’. He discussed in detail the the reports findings based on the views of thousands of workers from a range of occupations and demonstrates that we need to fully engage all employees if we want to improve productivity.

Margaret Davies, Co-Founder & Occupational Psychologist, The Glass Lift presented ‘Increasing productivity through people’

Margaret discuss how leaders can overcome today’s challenges, and improve performance and productivity by developing an understanding of inclusive leadership. She highlighted the importance of role modelling good leadership to create a culture where ALL people reach their full potential and thrive.

Following our speakers there was an in depth discussion with plenty of opportunities for questions to the speakers and sharing of knowledge. Feedback from attendees included “it was an inspiring and informative event, looking forward to the next!”


Paul Hackett is CEO at The Smith Institute, a leading independent public policy think tank. Paul was previously Special Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott MP, and other ministers at the Department of Communities and Local Government. He’s worked in various policy areas including sustainability, industry and finance and regional policy and has previously worked for the Financial Times, the Economist Group, Trades Union Congress and the Parliamentary Labour Party under the late John Smith.

Margaret Davies is a registered Occupational Psychologist and co-founder of The Glass Lift. Margaret has extensive experience of facilitating behavioural change in a range of organisations and particular expertise in the area of leadership and gender factors. Margaret is an associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, an affiliate of Exeter University Business School Centre for Leadership Studies (CLS) and a business partner of Bristol Business School.





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