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August 23, 2014

Gender pay gap: Female bosses earn 35% less than male colleagues

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Yet another "Pay Gap" article!

So I get back from holiday and the first thing I see is another article on the pay gap between men and women! Great, I think the message is getting across that we need to do something. The recent articles have been informative and well written, The Guardian details the history of equal pay the and the infamous 1968 Ford sewing machinists’ strike, and includes information from the recent National Management Salary Survey (published annually by the CMI) and employment lawyers XpertHR.  The BBC website includes an audio clip of Anne Francke of the Chartered Management Institute, who commented “we need to change the culture and make it much more inclusive”.

This comment and others like it bring home just how far we have to travel to achieve gender equality in the workplace:  How large a task it is to change culture, gain a better understanding of why there is a gender pay gap and why we should embrace diversity at all levels within organisations.  Anne Francke is of course right when she says “there is a lot of ‘unconscious sexism’ in the workplace and it will take a conscious effort for organisations to change this”.

At The Glass Lift we are taking that conscious effort.  We know the barriers to change are complex.  We also know that by taking active steps to support the female workforce and change attitudes to women in leadership we will make real progress on closing the gender pay gap.   Let’s add more positive action to accompany the news articles!

Kaye Welfare, Managing Director of The Glass Lift




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