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June 30, 2014

Gender inequality in the IT industry


Why are there so few women in IT in the UK?

Females consistently achieve higher grades than males in IT-related subjects, but they fill just 16% of IT & Telecoms professional occupations. Women are much more likely to hold technician/engineer grade positions than men (34% vs. 20% respectively) and less likely to be working in ‘professional’ occupations (46% vs. 57%).  Find out about some of the issues behind gender inequality in IT with the Women in IT Scorecard, a joint publication by e-skills UK, The Chartered Institute for IT, and BCS.

Overcoming lazy stereotypes was one of the key challenges to greater diversity and gender equality in the technology industry according to a panel of leading Chief Information Officers (CIOs).  Home Office CIO Denise McDonagh said she wanted to help more women achieve leadership roles.  McDonagh was speaking on a ‘Women in Leadership’ panel which included RSPCA head of IT Billie Laidlaw and CIO of LGC, Dr Frances Crummay, at last month’s Salesforce World Tour in London. They listed some of the main issues as, confidence, challenging the status quo, flexibility and culture.
The article by Edward Qualtrough, which covers issues of gender inequality can be read in full in CIO Magazine 

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