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Leadership Development:

We support our clients to develop leadership capability in the following ways:

Executive coaching

Leadership team development

Tailored leadership development programmes

ELEVATE – inclusive leadership development


Coaches are two a penny. Good coaches are hard to come by.  We are not just good coaches, we are facilitators of behavioural change.  We guarantee that the leaders we work with will be better leaders through working with us. We work with middle leaders, directors and executives.

How we do it

Our Coaching Psychologists use evidence based practice and recognised psychological coaching models to increase individual leader capability.  We use diagnostic tools and are accredited to use a wide range of psychometric instruments.

Our coaching assignments include work with leaders on:

Specific development issues.

Career development.

Emotional intelligence.

Strategic leadership.

Decision making ability.

Developing high performing teams.

Confidence and resilience.


Talent realisation and retention.

Increased engagement and commitment.

Higher performance and productivity.



The day of the hero leader is dead, no single leader can build an organisation, it is the collective leadership team that determine success, because leadership is a dynamic group process.

How we do it

We use evidence based practice to develop collective leadership capability.  We diagnose areas for improvement and design strategies and solutions for team development. Our work galvanises the team behind vision and purpose and harnesses the unique skills and ability that each team member brings.

We work in several ways, our diagnostics include psychometric tools and methods include team coaching, Action Learning Sets and Peer Groups.

Our work is with leadership teams at middle leader, director and executive level, assignments include:

Breaking down silos.

New team development.

Building team resilience.

High performing virtual teams.

Improving team dynamics, trust and respect.

Resolving conflict & dysfunction.

Creating an inclusive team approach.

Action learning sets and peer group facilitation.


Team alignment behind vision and purpose.

High performing teams.

Increased team member engagement and commitment.

Challenge and conflicts drive positive change.



We build the leadership capability of groups of leaders by designing and delivering tailored leadership development programmes for small and large groups of leaders.

How we do it

We support leaders to drive change and lead by example. We use a range of methods to deliver our programmes these include:

Blended learning.

Action learning sets.

Large group interventions and conferences.


Action learning sets and peer group facilitation.

Psychometric tests


Increase your leadership talent pipeline

Authentic leaders who understand their strengths and the benefits of inclusion

Greater levels of staff engagement and retention

Develop change agents who have a positive impact on organisational culture

Enhance your organisation’s strategic decision making


ELEVATE: inclusive leadership development

ELEVATE is our cross organisational inclusive leadership development programme designed to support ALL aspiring leader to progress their careers to senior level.

ELEVATE members come from a range of organisations and sectors, they work together to share experience and learn from one another. We actively encourage and celebrate diversity on our ELEVATE programme.

ELEVATE has been designed by The Glass Lift’s Occupational Psychologists who are experts in leadership and inclusion. It mixes key leadership concepts with an understanding of the barriers under-represented groups face on the path to leadership, so enabling them to become effective and inclusive leaders.

ELEVATE changes attitudes to leadership, encourages diversity and supports ALL potential leaders with the talent and desire to succeed. To find out more about how we can support your journey to inclusive leadership contact us NOW.

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