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Collaborate: Creating an Inclusive Community

COLLABORATE is a community of influencers and change agents working together to increase balanced and inclusive leadership. COLLABORATE members include The Glass Lift alumni, leaders, role models, mentors and spokespersons from a range of organisations and sectors.

COLLABORATE equips members to drive change in their organisations towards increasing the number of women and other under-represented groups in leadership.

Membership of COLLABORATE will help you develop your inclusive leadership capability, raise your profile, and give you the opportunity to engage with members of a meaningful community of leaders to seek and provide support and share knowledge and practice.


COLLABORATE Members are invited to join by invitation. Membership is FREE* and Members enter a Psychological contract with The Glass Lift team called  “The  COLLABORATE COMMITMENT”.

COLLABORATE is a community of people committed to increasing the number of women and under-represented groups in leadership”


  1. The COLLABORATE Knowledge Hub – Exclusive to COLLABORATE members and accessed via the Knowledge Hub contains latest information about inclusive leadership such as news, thought leadership, research, reports and TED talks.
  2. COLLABORATE on LinkedIn – The LinkedIn group enables members to connect by sharing news, comment and developments. Members can also post requests/offers for mentoring, sponsorship and Board opportunities, as well as speaking opportunities and career support.
  3. COLLABORATE for Equality – Quarterly COLLABORATE newsletter providing links to exclusive The Glass Lift resources, news, developments and comment on inclusive leadership, plus details of forthcoming events.
  4. COLLABORATE Events – At least two events a year providing the opportunity to hear inspirational guest speakers and to network with other members.
  5. Preferential rates on other Glass Lift services – Special rates for ELEVATE membership, single or multiple Executive Coaching sessions, Action Learning Set facilitation by our Psychologists, other Glass Lift Events and Masterclasses. ELEVATE alumni will also have continued access to ELEVATE member area resources.

COLLABORATE Members commit to:

  1. Engage in CPD in inclusive leadership by applying the knowledge and resources made available via Collaborate Knowledge Hub and Collaborate for Equality.
  2. Active membership of the COLLABORATE community by:
    1. Making connections, posting, sharing and commenting within the LinkedIn group.
    2. Attending at least two COLLABORATE events each year.
  3. Drive change by championing or supporting initiatives to increase balanced and inclusive leadership in own organisation and/or by acting as a mentor and/or sponsor and/or speaking about balanced and inclusive leadership at meetings and events.
  4. Support COLLABORATE members by sharing knowledge and/or practice about inclusive leadership.
  5. Support The Glass Lift by championing the work of The Glass Lift and brokering introductions to interested contacts internally and externally.


If you would like to commit to the COLLABORATE commitment and join our COLLABORATE community contact us TODAY or call The Glass Lift team on 01453 763230.

* Please note: The Glass Lift will pass on the cost of venue hire, refreshments and overnight accommodation (if desired) for COLLABORATE events, at a reasonable delegate rate to each Member.

Download our leaflet:

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