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June 3, 2016

Navigating disruption without gender diversity?

A must read report from EY!

“The best way to navigate disruption is to harness the power of diverse thinking by enabling people with different experiences, ideas and knowledge to come together in an inclusive culture” The recent report “Navigating disruption without gender diversity?” from EY emphasizes the importance of gender diversity and inclusive leadership needed if businesses are to use innovation to navigate…

May 9, 2016

The Glass Lift team is expanding

We’re pleased to welcome Alison Collard to The Glass Lift team. Alison joins us as Marketing Coordinator, and will be looking after our marketing activities, arranging our events, taking care of the administration of our courses for members and dealing with new enquiries…amongst other things. Alison’s background is in marketing agencies where she’s spent many…

April 27, 2016

Increasing Productivity Through People

How productive are you and your team?

The biggest cost to UK employers today, an estimated £26 billion a year, is around issues related to the psychological wellbeing of their people: £8.4 billion in absenteeism, £15.1 billion in ‘presenteeism’ and £2.4 billion in staff turnover. How productive are you and your team? Are you all working to your strengths? Are your team fully engaged, if not…

March 8, 2016

Happy International Women’s Day 2016

From The Glass Lift team

“More women in leadership makes good business sense & is a powerful force for change”   We hope you are enjoying the buzz around International Women’s Day this year. At The Glass Lift our focus has been an internal one working on our strategy and thinking about what else we can do to ensure our mission…

February 12, 2016

The Gender Pay Gap

Reporting: What next?

The gender pay gap currently stands at 19.2% in the UK. To accelerate the closure of this gap, organisations with more than 250 employees will soon be required to publish their gender pay data. This means 8,000 employers employing more than 11 million staff – some 40% of the UK’s workforce – will be expected…

February 11, 2016

Firms with More Women at Top are More Profitable

Yet more evidence to prove the case for more diverse leadership

Businesses looking for a way to improve profitability should consider a simple solution, encourage more women into senior leadership roles! That’s the findings of  the recent study: Is Gender Diversity Profitable? Evidence from a Global Survey by  Marcus Noland, Tyler Moran, and Barbara Kotschwar from the Washington based Peterson Institute. The correlation between women at the C-suite level and…


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