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January 31, 2017

Exciting news from The Glass Lift

Our Focus for 2017

Diverse and inclusive leadership increases organisational performance. That’s why our focus in 2017 is on balancing leadership.  We’ll do this by applying the science of Psychology to develop inclusive leadership, cultures and communities: ELEVATE: creating inclusive leadership This year we are relaunching our ELEVATE leadership development programme. Our aim is to equip ALL aspiring senior leaders to lead effectively…

January 1, 2017

Accelerating Difference – Masterclass

London on 27th April 2017

How to develop inclusive leadership and boost productivity? Using outcomes from evidence-based practice in the fields of Psychology and leadership, this one day masterclass will help scope the meaning and practice of inclusive leadership. Explore strategies to enable all aspiring people to achieve their leadership potential, and so ultimately boost organisational productivity. Who’s it for? Male…

December 30, 2016

Views from The Glass Lift: Accelerating Difference

Are we losing patience with the equality agenda?

AS I WATCHED MY DAUGHTER GLUED TO HER IPAD YESTERDAY, I was struck by the immediacy and constancy of her interactions with friends, using video to capture and transmit her thoughts and emotions to share each brief snapshot of her life. She expected an immediate response and more often than not got it! But does…

December 20, 2016

Agents of Change power list: nominate now!

For all the men who are standing up for equality.

  Management Today has teamed up with the Women’s Business Council to launch an Agents of Change power list. They want to shine the spotlight on the army of male leaders who are fighting women’s corner and driving gender equality initiatives. We can’t achieve equality in the workplace without involving men. Our Agents of Change…

December 1, 2016

ELEVATE Member – A Portrait of Tanya Corsie

Chief Operating Officer, Iken Business Ltd.

Tanya Corsie is Chief Operating Officer at the software company Iken Business Ltd. She has been with the Bristol based business for over 12 years. Tanya’s project and change management background, alongside an enthusiasm to learn and after subsequent experience, enabled her to take on leadership responsibilities following the sudden death of the CEO. Having…

December 1, 2016

The Power of Parity Advancing Women’s equality in the UK

Report from Mckinsey Global Institute - 2016

Bridging the UK gender gap in work has the potential to create an extra £150 billion on top of business-as-usual GDP forecasts in 2025, and could translate into 840,000 additional female employees.  In this scenario, the United Kingdom has the potential to gain 5–8 percent in GDP. Why then are companies not doing more? Here…


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