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ELEVATE: Celebrating leadership in the NHS

A celebration of the achievements of talented and inspiring female NHS leaders from throughout the South West. After 2 years of hard work on July 13th 2017 we celebrated the success and achievements of delegates from The Glass Lift, NHS ELEVATE programme.  The innovative programme was developed specifically to encourage more diverse and inclusive leadership throughout NHS orgaisations in the South West. The two cohorts consisting of 22 talented individuals came together with cohort Critical Friends and other invited guests to share stories and experiences of their leadership journeys since starting the programme. They discussed the impact and outcomes of the ELEVATE programme and how they will use their learning in future leadership roles. We where also joined by Christina Quinn (Director of Leadership) SW Leadership Academy and our guest speakers Melanie Walker (Chief Executive) and Julie Dent (Chair) from Devon Partnership NHS Trust who shared stories of their successful and inspirational careers. Thank you to everyone for all…

Women Leading in Education

Many women leading in education will know that the gender gap in school leadership persists. Drawing on research into why gender gaps exist and the self-perceptions of both men and women, school leader Caroline Sherwood offers her own poignant and honest reflections. In 2015, women constituted 64 per cent of classroom teachers but only 40 per cent of headteachers (Department for Education, 2016). At its current rate, women’s representation in headship will not match their representation in the teaching workforce before 2040 (Fuller, 2017). Why? What barriers are women facing? And what do these look like in an everyday school setting? Admitting I am plagued with self-doubt makes me feel vulnerable. I often feel out of my league. I often feel out-classed, but I very rarely talk about it. In Age and Gender Differences in Self-Esteem: A cross-cultural window, Bleidorn et al, having completed an eight-year study analysing data from…

“Go for it!” says Sally Jones Evans

Sally Jones Evans, newly appointed NED at The Principality Building Society and former COO at Lloyd’s, recently came along to speak to Glass Lift members at an evening event. We were all inspired by her professional approach and enthusiasm about her successful career. Forgoing the expected University route she started in banking at the age of 18 and soon established herself as a one to watch as she enjoyed taking on all the many challenges handed to her. One of Sally’s stories was about a time when she was really keen to take on a new role and the job was  given to a colleague. Only when the successful candidate was announced did Sally realise she had not told anyone it was her dream job! She learned that it’s important to be open about your career aspirations and in fact soon after she secured the role she wanted most. She advised our Glass Lift…

ELEVATE Member – A Portrait of Tanya Corsie

Tanya Corsie is Chief Operating Officer at the software company Iken Business Ltd. She has been with the Bristol based business for over 12 years. Tanya’s project and change management background, alongside an enthusiasm to learn and after subsequent experience, enabled her to take on leadership responsibilities following the sudden death of the CEO. Having gained what I viewed as an accidental Directorship, I worked hard to try to model myself on what I thought a leader should be – but many of the leadership networking and training opportunities I took didn’t seem to get to the heart of the problem. There were usually lots of egos in the room and no space for vulnerability or saying that you didn’t know the answer.’ Tanya joined Iken in 2004 as PA to the Directors and Office Manager. She was quickly promoted and enjoying working on complex client facing projects until 2013 when…

Margaret Davies talks- Part II

In part II of the TrainingZone & Sift Talent “an interview with” series Matt Evans talks to Margaret Davies, he asks what key metrics should be incorporated into a female leadership programme and how organisations can best evaluate the outcomes. How can organisations define and quantify the business benefits to achieving a more balanced leadership team and board? There is research which is starting to illustrate that organisations with balanced leadership teams perform better. The reasons they perform better vary between organisations, but one reason is if you have a diverse team you are more likely to innovate.  If you have a lot of similarity in a team then those people may tend to think in similar ways. If you bring someone different into that team they will start to bring different dimensions and perspectives. That’s true for diversity in all its forms. Getting a mix of different people in a room…

Margaret Davies talks- Part I

Recently the tables were turned on Glass Lift founder & Director Margaret Davies when she took part in “an interview with” series for Sift Talent and was interviewed by Research Manager Matt Evans. The interview is published in two parts, in part one Margaret defines a successful leader and describes her role in designing and delivering The Glass Lift leadership development programme for women. Can you tell us about you and your role at The Glass Lift?  I’m an Occupational Psychologist, which means I apply psychology to the work environment. My expertise is around behaviour at work. It’s a second career for me. My first career was in marketing, most recently for Microsoft in the UK. My expertise is mainly in the area of leadership at work. I am one of the two founders and a director at The Glass Lift. It was through my leadership development work with various organisations that I…


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