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Monthly Archives: July 2014

July 24, 2014

It’s Day One of the school Summer holidays and we’re already juggling!

Women with headache

Work family conflict - the Holy Grail of opportunity.....Click for more

The onset on the long school Summer holidays presents many parents and employers with increased “work–family conflict” as parents juggle…

July 19, 2014

Bishops, ‘babes’ and bias

cabinet women

Margaret Davies comments..............

This week was a milestone for women in leadership: The Church of England finally voted to allow women to become bishops and three new…

July 14, 2014

Business case for more women in leadership?

Vince Cable

Are you taking gender diversity seriously enough?

The recent guest  blog Women in Leadership: Is your business missing out?  for Business West by Kaye Welfare highlights the business…

July 8, 2014

What’s it like to be a woman leader?

Margaret Davies interviewing senior women leaders

Margaret Davies comments……

I recently interviewed a number of senior women in large organisations and a surprising pattern became apparent: All of the…

July 5, 2014

Andy Murray’s coach a woman!

Andy Murray

....and your point is? by Kaye Welfare

I don’t remember the battle of the sexes – the infamous tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs,…


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